For every new mix (song or album) I make an agreement about a fair individual price. Everything else wouldn’t be serious business – there are songs with 3 tracks and a clear sound and there are songs with 100 tracks that have to be strongly revised. Furthermore the price isn’t only dependent on the quality and quantity of your recordings – I take also into consideration your finances, a student band has a different budget than someone who earns constantly money with his music. Let’s talk about it for the sake of conjuring up good music!

Just send me a link to your tracks in a .rar/.zip-file. You may use a storage site like WeTransfer or Dropbox, but I could also give you some space on my server if needed.

If you don’t know me yet, you can get a testmix of one of your songs for free. The song will end too early or be limited in another way, so it can’t be used as a finished product. If you like the mix I name a fair price. Also we can talk about further minor changes an polishing of the song.

If you want have a full album mixed, a price for the whole album will be estimated after I checked one song as long as the songs are arranged similarly.

The basic sound of the recorded material cannot be deceived in mixing. But a good mix makes the material sound fresher, warmer, wider, more energetic, groovier and more alive. It puts the individual tracks into a balanced relationship and thus generates a unity out of recordings that may originate from different times and rooms.

Mixing is a creative process. You can – apart from certain genre conventions – mix a song in very different ways, without one being more wrong and another more correct. That’s why it’s essential to communicate in which direction a mix should go. Different detailed decisions must also be made within the mixing process. An appropriate revision of the first mix draft is therefore not an additional option within the scope of the possibilities, but a general component of the mixing service.

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