20 € / track

If you have mixed a song yourself, it is worthwhile to let someone master the song who was not involved in the mix and therefore is able to finalize the material with fresh ears.

Today’s mastering is usually the final step in audio processing, before the pieces find their way into the press: processing the stereo file of the final mixdown. Strictly speaking, this is a pre-mastering, since the final mastering process is the creation of the glass master. In the best case, the pre-mastering measures are carried out in a special mastering studio by a mastering engineer who is professionalized exclusively to the mastering process.

However, this means a financial expenditure not every musician can afford. This is why I also offer a pre-mastering service, which includes all steps that are necessary for the respective material: compression, broadening, frequency adjustment, coloring, final limitation and optionally creating a DDP image for the press.

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